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soggy sandals marinades grilling bbq sauces

Our Premium All Natural Marinades and Sauces are made with FRESH FRUIT, TROPICAL INGREDIENTS, FLAVORFUL DARK RUM and will encourage an Island Spirit no matter where you are. Fire up the grill, play a little island music, slip into your flip flops, and get your BBQ on!

soggy sandals guava jalapeno pineapple grilling sauce

guava jalapeno barbeque grilling rum sauce

nbbqa award winnerGuava - Jalapeno - Pineapple
Island Rum Marinade - Grilling Sauce

2017 National BBQ Association 1st Place Marinade - An island flavor burst! - a combination of the tangy traditional guava fruit, the flavorful heat of the jalapeno pepper and the sweet smoothness of pineapple. This marinade is so enticing that it enhances any type of pork or beef and all types of seafood. The rich taste of rum makes this sauce a true Caribbean adventure! Marinate for at least an hour, preferably overnight, before smoking/grilling, and save some sauce for the table.
» Price: $8.50 Each


soggy sandals mango chipotle lime marinademango rum bbq sauce

nbbqa award winnerMango - Adobo Chipotle - Lime
Island Rum Marinade - Grilling Sauce

From the Caribbean coast of Mexico come the rich flavors of this sweet, tart and spicy marinade – grilling sauce. This sauce was created for all types of grilling and smoking of pork and beef ribs, pulled pork, chicken, shrimp, fish and scallops. Marinate for at least an hour, preferably overnight, and you will infuse your meal with bursting tropical flavors. Save some sauce to reapply at serving. Wow! » Price: $8.50 Each

soggy sandals three citrus red pepper ginger marinade

three citrus bbq grilling sauce

nbbqa award winner3 Citrus - Red Pepper - Ginger
Island Rum Marinade - Grilling Sauce

Mojo sauce on steroids! This is the ultimate Caribbean seafood and/or chicken marinade – tangy and flavorful. Apply the sauce during the last 10 minutes of smoking/grilling. You will feel like you
are at a Caribbean beach grill with a kick of rum flavor. My favorite
is to grill shrimp with this sauce. Taste the combination of lime, orange and lemon with the slight heat of red pepper and the infusion of ginger. Awesome! » Price: $8.50 Each

soggy sandals bbq beach shack pak

NEW! Beach Shack Pak

Rum Island Marinade - Grilling Sauces

This gift box is great for giving all three sauces to that BBQ fan in your life!  You'll get one bottle of each of our three award winning sauces in a heavy corrugated glossy box with a handle, printed just as the photo depicts with Tiki Hut background.  Trust us, it will add that special island touch to your gift.
» Price: $28.00 each

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soggy sandals grilling sauces marinades

soggy sandals bbq sauces

grilling sauces marinades coming soon soggy sandals

Molasses - Pepper - Garlic
Island Rum Steak / Chop Marinade Sauce

My wife married me for this bold and flavorful marinade-sauce!! A man who could cook and the best steak she ever had! This marinade is great on steak, pork loins or chops.

Banana - Poblano - Tamarind
Island Rum Marinade - Grilling Sauce

A true island flavor extravaganza! – Sweet Banana with the tartness of Tamerind combined with the mild pepper flavor of Poblano. This marinade & grilling sauce is perfect for chicken, ribs & all seafoods.

soggy sandals grilling sauces marinades

Be sure to visit our Online Store and get smoking & grilling with Soggy Sandals Rum Island Marinades & Grilling Sauces!

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soggy sandals grilling sauces marinades

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